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Reliable Winch Tractors in Grande Prairie

At Hitch’em Oilfield Hauling, we can provide you with winch tractors across Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories, helping you take heavy loads to wherever you need. Winch tractors are used in conjunction with lowboy and oilfield trailers to haul extremely heavy loads, such as off-road construction equipment, oilfield vehicles, and large containers. If they’re stuck somewhere or you just need it towed, call our experienced crew and we’ll help you get your equipment or cargo winched out.  
Our staff is highly trained and has years of experience in the industry. We focus on customer service and your satisfaction is our priority. We have a variety of winch tractors available to help with any job. If you require our winch tractor services or any other hauling services, please don’t hesitate to give us
a call today.


Why do you need a winch tractor?

Winch trucks are used to load, unload, and relocate heavy equipment. They can also transport all kinds of oilfield and drilling rig equipment like pumps, generators, mudtanks, pipe, 400bbl tanks, etc. 

Tandem and Tridem Drive Winch Tractors

Built with oilfield bumpers on a stout Kenworth C500 chassis with 30, 40, and 50 ton winches these trucks have no problem getting pushed or dragged into location to suck on that heavy load. 
Primarily accompanied with a 50’ hiboy, 50’ trombone or a 53’ scissorneck, you also have the option of up to a 48 wheel combination to get that 200,000lb load to your location. Our Winch Tractors can handle all types of conditions


High-Quality Service

We focus on taking great care with your equipment.



Need to spot a heavy load, pull a rig up a hill or out of the ditch? Our bed trucks can help.

Picker Trucks

Picker Trucks

For all your lifting needs.



We offer equipment rentals to help you complete your job safely.

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