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Reliable Picker Truck Services in Grande Prairie

Picker trucks might be the ideal answer when there is a difficulty with limited space and headroom. Hitch’em Oilfield Hauling provides picker truck services in Grande Prairie, Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories. They are essential for many construction and maintenance jobs since they can carry heavy materials and transport and deliver them to desired locations. If you need help hoisting heavy equipment, give us a call to learn more about our service. We have a variety of picker trucks, that can handle any job. 
Our selection of equipment helps us in providing the best solution for your hauling needs. Our fleet is well maintained to ensure that your project is completed safely and efficiently.You can get the desired mobility and versatility when you
choose our trucking services for your requirement.  

Experienced Picker Truck Operators in Grande Prairie

At Hitch’em Oilfield Hauling, our highly experienced crew has years of training in the oilfield hauling industry and will be sure to take the utmost care when dealing with your equipment. We provide picker truck services on time so that your heavy materials can be hauled and delivered without causing delays. We believe in providing high-quality services and work towards providing total customer satisfaction to help you run your operations smoothly. 
Put our experienced crew and picker trucks in Grande Prairie to work for you by calling our office today. 

Uses of Picker Trucks

If you are looking for an adaptable mobile crane, picker trucks are what you need. They are extremely versatile machines that can solve a number of problems. They offer the capabilities and specifications suitable for many industries beyond the oilfield, requiring delivery, hoisting, and moving heavy loads. Some common uses of picker trucks are: 


Material Hoists : Picker trucks are an excellent option for hoisting and moving heavy materials. Here is how:

  • Picker trucks can travel at Hiway speeds and take up less space than mobile cranes 
  • The boom on the picker truck is capable of lifting materials to great heights 
  • They can be set up quicker on-site than other types of mobile cranes, which often makes them a preferred choice for hoisting operations 


Material Delivery : Due to their versatile nature, picker trucks can also deliver the material. Below is what they can offer:

  • All our picker trucks can come with a Highboy trailer that has 40 feet of deck that can make transporting and delivering large, oversize materials easy and allow for precise placement 
  • Picker trucks can haul up to 40,000lb loads 
  • They are also very popular in the construction and farming sector due to their ability to load and unload 
    Since the truck itself can load and unload, less equipment is required to complete the job 


Mounted on a stout Kenworth C500 tandem/tridem chassis, this brute can lift as much as it can haul. With 100’ of stick, these 45 tons can lift an astonishing 36,000 lbs 25’ away and still be able to haul a payload of 40,000 lbs down the road. 

picker truck

High-Quality Service

We focus on taking great care with your equipment.



Need to spot a heavy load, pull a rig up a hill or out of the ditch? Our bed trucks can help.



Put your hauling issues to rest with our winch tractor services.



We offer equipment rentals to help you complete your job safely.

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