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At Hitch’em Oilfield Hauling, we offer a fleet of Winch Tractors, Bed Trucks, Pickers and tools to help you complete your job n a safe and organized manner. We have rig mats of varying sizes to support construction and drilling equipment of different types,  as well as we have a variety of other construction and industrial equipment available for rental. 
When you trust us for your oilfield equipment rental requirements in Grande Prairie, you can be sure that we will meet all your needs with complete attention to every minor detail. We can quickly and efficiently go about any construction job with a vast equipment inventory. 

If you’re looking for prompt and reliable equipment rental services in Grande Prairie, call Hitch’em Oilfield Hauling right away! Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our service.



We currently have the following equipment available for rental:
400 bbl tanks – sloped, lined, and heat coiled
The 400 bbl tank is a key product in the oilfield industry, being lightweight and containing optimal shipping dimensions. It is ideal for the storage of fluids for short and long-term fills. You can rely on us for a convenient solution to your temporary and permanent fluid storage needs.  

8’x 20’, 8’x 30’ and 8’x 40’ rig mats
Rig mats allow you to create temporary roads that enable your vehicles to reach remote sites. They also provide your crews with safe and stable platforms to work. In addition, these oilfield mats are functional in alleviating the pressure generated by machines. As a result, by using rig mats, you may avoid upsetting delicate ecosystems. 

Spreader bars 
Lifting and moving heavy loads is easier with our spreader bars. They operate by distributing the load throughout different points, which helps to increase stability and decrease the load applied. Spreader bars are a simple yet effective piece of equipment for your lifting needs.  

Man baskets
These are commonly used on construction sites for safely transporting workers. They are used in conjunction with a Picker truck to allow workers to reach high areas that are hard to reach by ladder or scaffolding. 
30’ pipe racks
Pipe racks are designed and specifically built to support multiple tubulars where an adequate structure is not available. Or if you need extra room to rack your pipe.  
Our entire equipment range is in excellent working condition. With our convenient oilfield equipment rental in Grande Prairie, you will be able to carry out any job efficiently.




There are several factors you must consider before renting equipment. Keep the following points in mind so help you pick the equipment that is perfect for your needs:


  • The purpose of renting the equipment

  • The materials that you want to transport 

  • Your rental budget

  • Duration of rental


We can also rent out yard storage solutions if and when you need to organize your equipment and keep it safe from theft or vandalism.


At Hitch’em Oilfield Hauling, we also provide winch tractor, bed truck and picker truck services. 



Over the years of serving clients across Grande Prairie with quality equipment rentals, we have gained a reputation for providing a high level of service and customer satisfaction. Whether you need equipment for lifting, hauling, towing or other supporting oilfield activities, we ensure your job is completed safely and efficiently. Call us to learn more about oilfield equipment rentals in Grande Prairie and nearby regions. 


At Hitch’em Oilfield Hauling, we provide rental services for:

Winch tractors
These tractors are used with lowboy and oilfield trailers to haul extremely heavy loads, such as off-road construction equipment, oilfield vehicles and large containers.

Bed trucks and texas beds
A flatbed or texas bed is a truck with an open deck body, i.e., their body is flat, roofless and without sides. These open-deck trucks can be articulated or rigid. It is used to haul oilfield equipment to or within a location, just like a regular winch tractor.

Picker trucks
When you need to work with limited space and headroom, our trucks can help carry heavy materials and transport them from location to location. They are essential for many construction and maintenance jobs to hoist heavy equipment.

Rig mats
These are portable platforms used to support equipment and create an even workspace required for construction or oil drilling. Rig mats can be used for camps, drilling rigs, helipads and tanks and as a structural roadway. It can also help to keep your worksite safe and organized.

If you need to rent some equipment for a hauling or storage job on the construction site or at the oil patch, contact us today and we will get you what you need.


High-Quality Service

We focus on taking great care with your equipment.



Need to spot a heavy load, pull a rig up a hill or out of the ditch? Our bed trucks can help.

Picker Trucks



We offer a solution to all your heavy lifting and transportation needs in Grande Prairie.



Put your hauling issues to rest with our winch tractor services.

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