Bed Trucks & Texas Beds


365” Tandem/Tandem C500 Kenworth

This versatile unit comes with 6 wheel planetary drives (front wheel drive) allowing it to outperform similar trucks in the mud, ice and snow.

Complete with a 60 Ton main winch, 30 Ton aux winch, center kick-roll, 28’ Gin poles and hydraulic rear kick bars; all this paired with either a 40’ Hiboy or a 45’ Scissorneck-Trombone Lowboy this truck can handle & haul just about anything you throw at it.

268” Tri-drive Texas Beds

Complete with 50 Ton main winches, 20 Ton aux winches, hydraulic kick-rolls & hydraulic Texas rolls these versatile brutes can convert from packing a big load as a Tractor to standing 400bbl tanks or stacking 8’x40’ rigmats 7 mats high in a matter of seconds.  Able to Bedload 400bbl tanks & tailboard 45’ buildings these units can haul your load & spot it in tight locations as well…an easy choice for your medium duty bed work.